Friday, May 7, 2010

Been Too Long

We received a new T-shirt for John.  Thanks, Jonathon.   It's so much fun and the slogan on the tag was a hit at a dinner party we went to.   It made our day.
The funniest line is "The older I get, the better I was."   Ain't it the truth?
Here is the real live model of the shirt.
And the (now World Famous) Westminster Community Chorale had our Spring Concert.  Here are our pre-concert photos.
Dad is so happy because he memorized all the songs.
Yes, that is John in a tie and sport coat.   (Borrowed from Josh, thank you.)
We had to wear black and white and blue.   Our director/conductor teaches at BYU.
I am so happy because I never have to sing any of the songs again.  
Except that after two weeks, they're still rattling around in the ole noggin.   I've been trying to clear my brain by singing "It's a Small World afterall".  That oughta do it.

Love to all